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Week 7 (13/7/2020)

Welcome to your last whole week at school!

Team, you have been amazing this year! To celebrate how awesome you've been, this week we are going to take part in a project! Most of the activities are going to be based around this project. 


As it is a project, it will be up to you and your team on how and when you complete all the tasks (within reason). The tasks will be in the order that you will need to complete them. You will need to upload your work throughout the week if you are not in Blue Bubble! 


Our project is...

The Lunar Theme Park!

This is a print out of the entire project. If you want to print it out instead of looking at each task on the website, you can BUT there is an extra task on the website for you to do! It also has extra tasks if you finish the ones on the website!

The Brief!


The year is 2050! Man is now colonising the moon and you have decided to open the first lunar theme park in history.

Your spending limit is £500 000.

• You must carefully decide what sort of rides you are going to have. You also need to think about the other facilities visitors will need when they come to your theme park like toilets, cafes, shops and paths between all the facilities and rides.

• Many theme parks have different areas that are ‘themed’. In other words they might have an African area, a wild west American area or an Old England area. Think carefully about what you want to have in yours.

Setting Up Your Theme Park!

Design your rides! 


You have created a floor plan of your park with it's theme/s but now it's all about the detail! You have been studying different architects, will you use these to help design your rides? 


Make sure that you designed at least one: 

-Major ride

-Minor ride




Please annotate your diagrams with all your details, explaining your ideas and make sure it links to your theme!  

Design A Mascot for your Park!


You have now designed your park and your rides. You must now design a mascot for your park! They will need to be linked to the theme of your park. 

For example, if it is a water park - the mascot will be a fish or whale. 

Create a persuasive leaflet, encouraging people to attend your theme park!


What do you need to include?


-The reason behind your choice of theme. 

-Information on the different rides.

-Information about your amenities (cafes, toilets etc)

-Map of the park. 

-Reasons that the public should attend your park and not another park.

-Background information about the park. 

-Contact information.

Running Your Theme Parks!

Pricing Up Your Theme Park!

Profit and Loss!


WOW! Your theme park is up and running! You've done so much work on your theme parks and they look amazing and they've been making a brilliant profit! 

But can they survive the profit and loss phase? Have you charged enough to balance the cost of running the park?

This table needs to continue over 30 days!



You have managed to run your park for a month! Well done! 


But now, you have to pay the people in your park! In this task, you have to pay the mechanics otherwise who will run your park?


Top Tip: Read the information carefully!

If you have finished all of these activities, you can continue into your booklet!