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Week 4 (27.04.20 - 01.05.20)


This week our focus writing genre is Stories set in Historical Settings.


By the end of this week, you will have completed your writing mission: to write the story opening to the film ‘Narnia', which is set during WW2.

Each day, you will have an English activity to help you to work towards this. 

Watch the film clip below before starting your English activities for this week. 


On Monday, you are going to read the opening to a story set in WW2 and answer some questions about it. Remember to use the text and what you have read to help you - you don't need to remember all of the answers, just find them in the text!


On Tuesday, you are going to learn about adverbs and adverbials. There are some interactive activities and information for you to use and look at on BBC Bitesize that will help you with your learning and then some activities for you to complete. 


On Wednesday, you are going to use your learning about adverbs and adverbials to help you to write sentences to go with some images from the film clip. 


On Thursday, you will be planning your story opening, using the 'Narnia' film clip to help you. 


On Friday, you will be writing your story opening. 


Click on the stars below to access the English activity for each day. 


Once you have finished, you could draw some pictures to go with your story opening and read it to someone in your family. If you want to get really creative, you could record yourself reading it and play your recording whilst watching the film clip. 

I can't wait to see your finished story opening on your portfolio on Dojo! 

Narnia Opening Scene


This week, your spellings continue to focus on words that include the letter strings ch, que and gue. 

Please see below for a guide on what you need to do for your spelling home learning. 

(This week is Week 2)


Week 1
• Monday – Thursday: In Week 1 your spelling work consists of you practising these words (using a writing pencil), using the look cover write check method. You can also choose to practise them using one of the ‘fun ways to practise your spellings’ if you would like to.
• Friday: Test – ask someone at home to test you on 10 of the spelling words you have been practising. Reflect on any words you found tricky – make these words/rules your focus for next week.

Week 2
• Monday – Thursday: In Week 2 your spelling work consists of you including each word in a sentence then writing the sentences in your spelling book. You can also choose to practise them using one of the ‘fun ways to practise your spellings’ if you would like to.
• Friday: Test – ask someone at home to test you on all of the spelling words you have been practising.


Click on the star tab below to access your spellings and some fun ways that you could practise them at home! 


This week, your maths learning will focus on multiplication.

Miss Turner has put together some information and activities for each day to help you with your learning. 


Have fun, team! 


Click on the star tabs below to find the Maths activity for each day.

Topic (History - World War 2)


For your activities this week, you will be thinking about how people helped with the 'Wartime Effort', making your own model Anderson Shelter and - if you fancy it, cooking a wartime recipe! 


If you want to have a go at a wartime recipe, follow this link to find a useful wartime recipe book with lots of ideas you can use choose from.


Click on the star tab below to find the History teaching slides and your activities. 




This week, I want you to get creative with your physical activity and create your own obstacle course at home - this could be inside the house or outside if you have a garden, but make sure you get permission from your parents first. 

Be creative with what you could use from around the house or the garden to help you. 

Once you have made the obstacle course, time yourself going around it. Can you improve your time?

The video below might help inspire you and give you some ideas for your own obstacle course!

Obstacle Course Idea!

Remember, you can also continue to get moving each day with Joe Wicks, Cosmic Yoga or Oti Mabuse too!