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Week 2 (30.03.20 - 03.04.20)


This week our focus writing genre is Suspense Stories.


By the end of this week, you will have completed your writing mission: to write a suspense story based on the short film 'The Lighthouse'.

Each day, you will have an English activity to help you to work towards this. 


On Monday, you are going to read a story and answer some questions about it. Remember to use the text and what you have read to help you - you don't need to remember all of the answers, just find them in the text!


On Tuesday, you are going to learn about expanded noun phrases. There is some information for you to look at and read that will help you with your learning and then an activity for you to complete. 


On Wednesday, you will plan your suspense story, using the short film 'The Lighthouse' to help you. 


On Thursday and Friday, you will be writing your story.


Click on the stars below to access the English activity for each day. 


Once you have finished, you could draw some pictures to go with your story and turn it into a book! You might like to read it to one of your family members and then watch the short film together. Ask them what they liked best about your story. I can't wait to see them on your portfolios on Class Dojo!


The Lighthouse Short Film


Your spellings will continue to work on a two-weekly cycle. (This week is Week 2.)

For the next two weeks, your spellings focus on the ‘ch’ spelling making a ‘k’ sound.

Please see below for a guide for how the cycle will work. 


Week 1
• Monday – Thursday: In Week 1 your spelling work consists of you practising these words (using a writing pencil), using the look cover write check method. You can also choose to practise them using one of the ‘fun ways to practise your spellings’ if you would like to.
• Friday: Test – ask someone at home to test you on 10 of the spelling words you have been practising. Reflect on any words you found tricky – make these words/rules your focus for next week.

Week 2
• Monday – Thursday: In Week 2 your spelling work consists of you including each word in a sentence then writing the sentences in your spelling book. You can also choose to practise them using one of the ‘fun ways to practise your spellings’ if you would like to.
• Friday: Test – ask someone at home to test you on all of the spelling words you have been practising.


Click on the star tab below to access your spellings and some fun ways that you could practise them at home! 


This week, our maths learning will focus on place value, counting in 25s and multiplication. 

Each day, there is a fluency activity to practise your skills and a reasoning or problem solving activity to deepen your understanding. 

Have fun, team! 


Click on the star tabs below to find the Maths activity for each day.

Topic (Science)

This week for science you have two more activities to complete focused on electrical safety in your home. 


For the first activity, you need to go to the website Explore the interactive house until you have found all of the dangers inside each of the rooms. Next, you need to complete the 'Staying Safe Activity' and explain each of the dangers identified in the picture. 


For the second activity, you need to design and create a poster or a leaflet to help to inform the rest of your family about electrical safety in your home. Make sure you include lots of pictures and facts to catch the attention their attention. Display your poster or leaflet somewhere in your house for your family to read. Use the example poster to help you if you wish to. 


Click on the star tab below to find your Science activities. 


This week, I want you to get moving each day by going on a Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure. Here are three to choose from but there are lots more on the Cosmic Kids Yoga Youtube channel.  


Cosmic Kids Yoga - Pokemon Adventure

Cosmic Kids Yoga - Minecraft Adventure

Cosmic Kids Yoga - Harry Potter Adventure