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Week 15 (20.07.20 - 21.07.20)

Welcome to the last two days of the school year!

We can not believe that we only have two days left of the school year! It certainly has been an interesting one!

During these last two days, we thought it would be lovely to do a school maths project. Therefore, all the children in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 will be completing the same tasks.

We would like your children to create their very own maths game. We have put some templates below and some possible ideas that your child can follow, but if they have a better idea then go for it. 

We would like your child to plan and make a maths game using any maths skill that they like; addition, subtraction, time, fractions. It's their choice! After they have planned and made it, we would then like your child to write a set of instructions explaining how to play the game. We would also love if you could film your child playing the game or explaining verbally how to play it. 

If you have more than one child in school, they may like to create the game together as a joint project! Remember to post your children's work on their portfolio so we can make comments! 

We are looking forward to see what they create!