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Week 1 (20.4.20)

Welcome to week one of your remote learning in Term 5! 

One this page, you will find an overview of the week and the different icons for the lessons. This term will look a little different from last term in regards to Maths as both Year 5 and 6 will be learning the same topic. This has been created with both Year 5 and 6 in mind and therefore is pitched in the correct place for both year groups. 


This term, we will be diving into History and more specifically World War II! I'm really looking forward to sharing this topic with you and your family! This week, we will be focusing on the impact on the war at home and how the people of Britain defended themselves from bombs by building Anderson Shelters in their gardens! 


The English lessons will also be a reflection of our History topic and they will be based around the building of the Anderson Shelter and also you researching facts about it.