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Week 1 20.04- 24.04


This week I am starting to write your child's report. At this time of the year we would normally be asking your child to contribute to their own report by asking for their pupil voice. I would still love to gather your children's views about their year 1 experience, even though I can not do this in person. Therefore, please could you ask your child the following questions. Please could you write down their answers and send them to me through your child's portfolio by Friday 24th. 


This year has been EPIC because ..........................................

1. What is the best thing that happened at school/ favourite memory while you were in year 1?

2. What have you got better at? 

3. What has been your favourite subject at school and why?

4. What has been your favourite topic and why? (Victorians, Materials, Weather, Plants) 


As we are still not back at school,  the time has come to start teaching new mathematical concepts to your children. This week the children are going to be learning about lengths and heights. The children will now be using their Powermaths book, doing one lesson each day. Below you will find the lesson presentations (the pdfs) that you will need to use first to teach your children. Remember to use the examples to model how to complete the questions. Don't assume that your children will just know how to do it. Then your child can go to the corresponding page in their power maths books to complete their written work. 

If you have any questions then please message me. 

Lesson 1 - PowerMaths Book 1B page 87 - 89

Lesson 2 - PowerMaths Book 1B page 90 - 92

Lesson 3 - PowerMaths Book 1B page 93 - 95

Lesson 4 - PowerMaths Book 1B page 96 - 98

Lesson 5 - PowerMaths Book 1B page 99 - 101



This term we are going to be focusing on a different artist every week. This week we are learning about Vincent Van Gogh. Please read through the attached presentation and watch the video. Then you can have a go at recreating some still life of your own! 


Art With Mati & Dada - VanGogh | Kids Animated Short Stories in English

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