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Term 5

We had so much fun at Forest school! We started the day off with a 'sticky feet' circle to see how many people we needed to count throughout the day and then ran through the field to the forest. When we got to the forest, we got into a 'sticky feet' circle again to check that we had everyone and to listen to our instructions. We had to follow the arrows to find base camp, however Emma then told us to go down the hill into the shelter this time as the benches we a little bit wet from the rain. After another run through the forest, we made it to the shelter where we had a quick snack and shared a story about minibeasts. Emma explained that we would be going on a minibeast hunt in pairs and to get in to pairs, we had to match up some minibeast cards with another person from the team. During our hunt, we were able to explore some of the different areas of the forest to see where the minibeasts liked best. The team were looking under stones, fallen branches and logs as they found that the minibeasts liked to hide under things. The team worked well together, with one person lifting while the other caught the minibeast. After lunch we had time to explore the forest. We were able to; climb trees, have a turn on the rope swing, balance on the 'balance tree', explore some of the dens that had been built, we also made sure that we took some time to relax on the 'chill out tree'. 


This week, one of our rainbow challenges is to write about Forest School, pop back soon to take a look at some of our fabulous writing all about what we did and our favourite parts!

Term 5


Welcome back team! We are so proud of every single one of you and your attitude towards learning, you have all become much more independent. We have been really lucky to have been able to move some of the equipment in our outdoor area over to the grass area to the side of our classroom, resulting in a much larger outside learning area. We can’t wait to see your amazing ideas and imaginations spring into action in our new space!


This term we will be focusing mainly on minibeasts (whilst still checking in on the ospreys as they were particularly popular last term). Our rainbow challenges will be based on finding out and sharing information about minibeasts and where they live. We will also be heading over to the Forest for our second Forest School session which will be based on minibeasts.


Our maths learning will be taken in a different direction this term; we will be focusing on applying our knowledge and understanding of number in a range of different situations.


In phonics, the children will continue to develop their phonic knowledge and comprehension. There will be lots of writing involved within our rainbow challenges this term, enabling the children to constantly apply their phonic knowledge in all areas of their learning encouraging a love of writing.


We are super excited to see where the children’s ideas take their learning this term, even though it is a short one, we have lots of ideas as to where we could take our learning and some of the activities and challenges, as we’re sure the children will have too!