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Term 4

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Term 4


Our big question this term is "How did World War 2 shape the village and base of Cottesmore?" 


We have explored and recognised the importance of innovation, immediacy and development when researching the answer to this question.


Part of our research involved a tour of Kendrew Barracks, where our school is situated. We looked inside the old aircraft hangers which were once used by the USAAF, in World War 2. Nowadays, they are used to store army vehicles. One even has a boxing ring! 

We also saw the ammunition store and old air traffic control tower. We contrasted these with old photos of the RAF base taken in World War 2. 

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In Maths, we have explored the topic of area through counting squares. Using our reasoning skills, we found out why squares and not circles are used when looking at area. We also found out why standardised units of measurements are so important and used our problem solving skills to find out how many different shapes we could make which had the same area.

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We have explored myths from around the world and written our own, inspired by the Greek myth of Pandora's Box.


We hope you enjoy listening to an example of one of our myths!

Pandora's Box by Alisha