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Term 3

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Terrific Term 3


Brilliant Beginning!


We have had an exciting start to this term. On the first day back, we spent the afternoon tasting our way around the world! We tried out lots of different foods such as Billtong, Moroccan spices, seaweed and papaya which was washed down with a drink of rooibos tea. Year 4 matched foods, flags and art to the continents.


This term, Year 4 will be exploring the topic of continents, with the aim of answering the overarching question of whether they would rather live in a place that has too much rainfall or not enough. 

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A Secret Mission


Is our team up for a taking part in a treasure hunt with a mystery prize at the end of it? Of course they are!


At the beginning of the term, we followed some instructions given to us by Mrs Alfieri, a Year 4 teacher from St Nicholas' School. They led us a letter tucked away in the corner of a shed. The letter contained our mission for the next two weeks. We have been set the task of hiding a mysterious package in the village for our Year 4 friends at St Nicholas. 


We will be learning about how to write a set of instructions, detailing how to find them. The Year 4 class at St Nicholas will also be hiding a package for us to find. Our intrepid team have accepted the challenge and are looking forward to learning how to write instriuctions, meet their St Nicholas friends and discovering what the hidden treasure is.

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The Day of Our Mission!


After two weeks of perfecting our instruction writing skills, we hid our secret package in the Cottesmore and met St Nich's Year 4 to swap our instructions. 

Although it was a cold, frosty morning, we had so much fun exploring the village using the we had swapped to find the mystery package that St Nich's had hidden for us. Using teamwork, communication and problem solving skills, we eventually found it nestled amongst some ivy down a quiet country lane. We felt extremely triumphant! 

Interestingly, the package contained three large bags of marshmellows and a letter inviting us to St Nich's for hot chocolate and a film. We were so grateful to get out of the cold and to spend some quality time with our new friends. 


We had so much fun that we didn't stop talking about it for a whole week and it is definitely one of the memories we will treasure. We are very much looking forward to working with our friends from St Nich's in the future!

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Would you rather live somewhere with too much rain or not enough?


*At 10:30am on Tuesday 25th February, we will be holding an assembly, showcasing our learning in Term 3 and discussing why we feel that Water Aid is an important charity. 


On Friday 1st March, we would like pupils to turn "Blue for Water Aid." For a small donation of 50p, they may come to school dressed in as much blue as they would like!*


This big question was the focus of our Topic sessions throughout Term 3. We started by familiarising ourselves with the continents of the world and their climates, exploring how it differs and why, depending upon the location of the country in relation to the Equator and the Tropic of Cancer. 


In preparation for a debate answering the 'Big Question,' we researched the impact of flooding in Bangladesh and droughts in Nigeria, noting the advantages and disadvantages of living in such climates. The class split into teams and made use of their communication and teamwork skills (qualities tha they have been working on in their PWA sessions) in order to devise and participate in a coherent debate.  


The class then had to vote on whether they wanted to help fundraise for a charity that helps those in either flood-prone  or drought-prone countries. They voted unanimously to fundraise for Water Aid - a charity that assists those who live in countries prone to drought, such as Nigeria.


On Thursday 28th February, we raised £108.12 by 'Wearing Blue for Water Aid.' Well done!

On Thursday 28th February, we raised £108.12 by 'Wearing Blue for Water Aid.' Well done! 1



In Art, we explored ethnic masks typically found in each continent. We then used these as inspiration to create our own 'World Mask.' We sculpted them using clay. 

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