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During WWII, all the green spaces were turned into areas to grow vegetables and crops to feed the people and the men and women over seas fighting again the Axis Forces! 

This meant that all gardens were turned into vegetable patches! I want you to pretend that you are planning to turn your garden into a vegetable garden!


Step 1: Sketch out your current garden. What does it look like? What is in it? 

Step 2: Work out what vegetables you would like to grow. You might even want to get some chickens for eggs. Where would the chicken house go?

Step 3: Plan out where everything would go.

Step 4: Draw the final plan for your new vegetable garden! 


Remember that this is just pretend so I don't want any angry messages from your parents, blaming me for digging up your gardens! 


If you do want to give it a go and try to try to grow some vegetables or flowers in your garden, ask your parents as I'm sure they'd love to help you and more importantly, you need their permission before digging everything up! 


Remember to send all pictures to me via dojo! I'm really looking forward to seeing this!