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Can you complete the animal HIIT workout?

Frog Jumps - Hop, hop back and forth like a frog.

Bear Walk - Hands and feet on the floor, hips high - walk left and right 

Gorilla Shuffle - Sink into a low sumo squat, with hands on the floor and shuffle around

Starfish Jumps - Jumping Jacks as fast as you can, with arms and legs spread wide

Cheetah Run - Run in place as FAST as you can! Just like the fastest animal in the Sahara

Crab Crawl - Sit and place your palms flat on the floor behind you near your hips. Lift up off the ground and crawl

Elephant Stomps - March in place lifting your knees as high as you can and stomping the ground as hard as you can


Each activity is 45 seconds long with a 15 second break in between!