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Over and Above

This page has been built for any children that would like to go 'over and above' with their learning! 

There will be lots of little tasks for you to complete if you would like. 

You do not have to do any of the activities on the page, they are just here if you would like a little something extra! 

Enjoy and remember be as creative as possible!


Carrie's War Tasks


Listen to Miss Pick reading Carrie's War. 

  • Use your visualising skills to draw what is happening in the story. 
  • Use your predicting skills to think about what is happening next. Draw this or send a video to Miss Pick explaining what you think is going to happen. 
  • Create your own evacuee's suitcase. What would you take with you if you had to be shipped out to the countryside to a place that you didn't know? What would you leave behind? 
  • Write the next chapter to the story? Predict what Carrie's secret could be in chapter 1.

Watch Miss Pick's Top Ten Facts about World War II. 


Make your own video with your top ten facts about WWII!

World War II Top Ten Facts

Create your own VE Teacup!

Mugs and teacups have been specifically designed over the years to commemorate special events that have happened throughout history. Can you create your own VE Teacup? 

Code Breakers! 


The Code Breakers were one of the most important parts of the Allied Forces winning the Second World War. Codes were sent from the Axis Forces to one another across the world and the Allied Forces would intercept these codes and try to break them so that they knew what the Axis Forces were doing! 

Why don't you try to break and make some codes using Morse Code!