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For this week, we are going to be learning all about numbers 16 to 20! Each day I would like you to explore a new number and send me a photo of the different ways that you can represent that number:

  • As a word
  • On a ten frame 
  • Using coins 
  • On a number track/ number line 
  • Using your hands 
  • Using objects or drawings 
  • Using tally marks 
  • Using a Part Whole model


Repeatedly showing teens numbers as 10 plus some more in different representations, including on their fingers as a pair of hands plus some more and on ten frames as a full frame and some more, will help children develop a solid understanding of numbers within 20 as they will begin to understand that the one in the number isn't actually one, but ten. 

Day 1 (Number 16)

Day 2 (Number 17)

Meet the artist known as Seventeen, who likes to paint 17 of everything. Learn all about the number 17 with Numberblock Seventeen! If you would like to watch...

Day 3 (Number 18)

Day 4 (Number 19)

New Numberblock Nineteen discovers she's a one-off with a hidden talent for shape-shifting. Learn all about the number 19 with Numberblock Nineteen! If you w...

Day 5 (Number 20)

Are you ready for the big dance number? Numberblock Twenty struts his stuff and dances the Two Tens Tango. Learn all about the number 20 with Numberblock Twe...