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For this week, we are going to be learning all about numbers to 15! Each day I would like you to explore a new number and send me a photo of the different ways that you can represent that number:

  • As a word
  • On a ten frame 
  • Using coins 
  • On a number track/ number line 
  • Using your hands 
  • Using objects or drawings 
  • Using tally marks 
  • Using a Part Whole model


Repeatedly showing teens numbers as 10 plus some more in different representations, including on their fingers as a pair of hands plus some more and on ten frames as a full frame and some more, will help children develop a solid understanding of numbers within 20 as they will begin to understand that the one in the number isn't actually one, but ten. 



Day 1 (Number 11)

Numberblocks - Eleven

Day 2 (Number 12)

Numberblocks - Twelve

Day 3 (Number 13)

Numberblocks Thirteen

Day 4 (Number 14)

Numberblocks - Fourteen

Day 5 (Number 15)

Numberblocks - Fifteen