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History Activities

1. Read through the information text to help you to learn about VE Day. (It should be familiar as it is the same text you used in English on Monday!)

2. Follow this link to watch a BBC video all about VE Day.

3. Complete this Activity comparing two different accounts of what it was like on VE Day. 

Over and Above VE Day Activities (Optional)


1. Use this website to do some further research about VE Day and create your own poster or information page all about VE Day. Rutland County Museum have also put together some interesting information about VE day that will help you with this task. Use this link to find them


2. On VE Day, people celebrated! As part of their celebrations, they waved Union Jack Flags. Use the template below (or draw your own) to help you to create your own Union Jack Flag to put in your window on Friday. Get creative! You could use colouring pencils, collage or paint or you might have another idea!


3. Complete the VE Day wordsearch below.


4. Have a go at some of these Rutland County Museum VE Day crafts using the activity booklet below.