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Reflection on my time in Year 4

My EPIC Year!

As part of your end of year report, I would like to include your reflection on your year at school.


You need to write about what you have learned, what you have enjoyed and why, what your highlights of the year were and why it has been so EPIC!


You can write it in any of your books that have lined paper. Or, alternatively, if you would rather, you can type it straight onto your portfolio on Class Dojo for me to see.


When you have written your reflection on your year, please can you take a photo of it and post it on your portfolio for me to see. (The photo needs to be really clear so that I can read all of your super writing and copy parts into your end of year report.)


Use the following sentence openers to help you to write your reflection on your EPIC year. You also need to make a bullet point list of your year’s ‘highlights’.


My EPIC Year


This year has been EPIC because ________________________

I have really enjoyed __________________ because ________________

I have learnt lots of new things, like _____________________________

I am really proud of myself this year for __________________________

One of my favourite things about Year 4 was _______________________

It was fun to _______________________________________________

My favourite subjects this year were ____________ because __________


Some Highlights of my year


(Bullet point list your highlights)


You can also use my example below to help you, as well as the ‘Year 4 Mind Map’ - this includes lots of the things we did and learnt about in each term, in case you need a bit of a reminder of what you have done this year!