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English Tuesday

Today, you are going to be learning about subordinating conjunctions and how to use them to write complex sentences. (We have done some learning about this before so it should be a recap, but an important one, as using subordinating conjunctions really improves the quality of your writing.)


Follow this link to get to the correct BBC Bitesize home learning page.

Here you will need to read through the information and have a go at the activities. 


Firstly, you will need to watch the fun Super Movers video to remind yourself about all of the different types of conjunctions and when they are used

Then, there is some information you will need to read

After that, watch the short video clip to learn more about how subordinating conjunctions work.

Finally, you need to need to read a little bit more information and then have a go at the activities


Activity 1 is an interactive activity so you will not need to write anything down - you can complete it on the website. You need to highlight the subordinating conjunction in each sentence. 

For Activity 2, you need to complete the 'Subordinating Conjunction Jigsaws' activity sheet.  (This sheet is saved below. You can complete the sentences on the sheet or write them into your English book - you don't need to print the sheet.)

For Activity 3, you need to copy and complete the sentences on the bbc bitesize website. Try starting each sentence with a subordinating conjunction and following it with a subordinate clause.