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English Tuesday

Today, you are going to be learning to identify different types of pronouns and when to use them instead of a noun. 


Follow this link to get to the correct BBC Bitesize home learning page.

Here you will need to read through the information and have a go at the activities. 


Firstly, you will need to watch a short clip to revise what nouns are. This is important as pronouns replace nouns. 

Then, there is some information you will need to read

After that, watch the short video clip to understand what pronouns are and when we use them.

Finally, you need to have a go at the activities


Activity 1 is an interactive activity in two parts. In the first part, you need to highlight the pronouns in the sentences. In the second part, you need to highlight all of the words that could be replaced by nouns. 

For Activity 2, you need to complete the pronouns sheet.  (This sheet is saved below.)

For Activity 3, you need to become the teacher and help Nathan to improve his writing by changing some of the nouns for pronouns. (This sheet is saved below.)


You can either print today's sheets or just write your answers/sentences in your English book.