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English Tuesday

Today, you are going to be learning about speech and how to use inverted commas correctly to punctuate speech in your writing. 


Follow this link to get to the correct BBC Bitesize home learning page.

Here you will need to read through the information and have a go at the activities. 


Firstly, you will need to watch a short clip to learn  about what inverted commas are and how they are used to show speech. 

Then, there is some information you will need to read

After that, watch the fun video clip and listen carefully to Mr Smith and what he says about inverted commas.

Finally, you need to have a go at the activities


Activity 1 is an interactive quiz about inverted commas so you can do it on the website. See if you can get all five questions correct!

For Activity 2, you need to complete the 'Comic Strip Speech' activity sheet by turning what the characters are saying in the speech bubble into a speech sentence, using inverted commas. (This sheet is saved below.)

For Activity 3, you need to become the teacher and work through the sheet, correcting any mistakes you spot. (This sheet is saved below.)


You can either print today's sheet or just write your completed/corrected sentences in your English book.