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English Tuesday

Today, you are going to be learning about apostrophes and how and when to use apostrophes to combine two words.


Follow this link to get to the correct BBC Bitesize home learning page.

Here you will need to read through the information and have a go at the activities. 


Firstly, you will need to watch a short clip to learn  how and when to use apostrophes for contraction

Then, there is some information you will need to read

After that, watch the next clip to learn more about apostrophes for contraction.

Finally, you need to have a go at the activities


Activity 1 is interactive so you can do it all on the website. You need to highlight the word that could be contracted.

For Activity 2, you need to write out the contracted (shortened) form of the words in the list into your English book. 

For Activity 3, you need to copy out the sentences into your English book and then use a coloured pencil to add in the missing apostrophes. 

For Activity 4, you need to play the online apostrophe game by following this link