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English Tuesday

Today, you are going to be learning about adverbs and adverbials. 


Follow this link to get to the correct BBC Bitesize home learning page.

Here you will need to read through the information and have a go at the activities. 


Firstly, you will need to watch a short clip to learn what adverbs are and how they are used.

Then, there is some information you will need to read

After that, watch the next clip to learn about the difference between adverbs and adverbial phrases.

Finally, you need to have a go at the activities


Activity 1 is interactive so you can do it all on the website. You need to highlight all of the adverbs that are used in the sentences. 

For Activity 2, you need to complete the Magic Adverbs activity sheet. You can find this below. 

For Activity 3, you need to write five of your own sentences about what the gorilla monster in the first video clip got up to in the town. (Use the adverbials word mat below to help you.)