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Welcome to your English lessons!


On day 1, reading comprehension.

On day 2, you will be focusing on grammar - go through the slides and complete the tasks!

On days 3-5, you will be focusing on different writing tasks.


Enjoy :) 

Monday - Reading Comprehension


Tuesday - Grammar Day!

The Active and Passive Voice Rap

Here is our new song about active and passive voice. Active and passive voice is now part of the KS2 English curriculum and ,for most people , is a brand-new...

Wednesday - Writing Task


Write 10 silly sentences slowing the active and passive voice (5 of each) and label them! 

For example, 

1) The book was being read upside down and backwards by Miss Pick. (Passive)

2) Miss Pick was gobbling all of the chocolate! (Active)

Thursday - Writing Task


Write a short story including the passive voice (underline these) about the day a Gorilla stole the Queen's crown!

Friday - Writing Task


Write a book review of one of the books that you have read whilst school has been closed. 

Think about:

-Summarising the book

-Who was your favourite character?

-Would you recommend it and why?