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Welcome to your English lessons!


Through this week, we are going to jump straight into our new topic: World War II and our focus this week is Evaculation!


On day 1, listen to Chapter 4 of Carrie's War and complete the tasks. 

On day 2, you will be focusing on grammar! This week it is apostrophe for possession - go through the slides and complete the tasks!

On days 3-5, you will be focusing on different writing tasks. We are going to be focusing on World War II so all the activities will be based around the Out Break of the War learning!

Don't forget, you need to read all the information on the out break of the war to be able to complete your writing activities! 

Enjoy :) 



Today, we are going to focus on prediction and explanation! Watch me (Miss Pick) read Chapter 4 of Carrie's War and whilst you are listening, I would like you to use your skills of being able to explain what you know about how the children feel about their journey to Aunt Lou's sister's house?

At the end of the chapter, I would like you to predict what happens in chapter.

Punctuation: Using apostrophes to show singular & plural possession (KS2)

What will I learn? How apostrophes are used to show that something belongs to someone or something. Questions: When there is something belonging to one perso...



For this weeks grammar task, you need to read through the pictures and join in with some of the practices, understanding what an apostrophe for possession is. At the end, we will need to create a revision poster/map/flash cards to help you to remember the important information.


Enjoy :)

Wednesday's writing task

Wednesday's Writing Task!


Read through the picture carefully, especially the first page! Think of two or three questions that you can add to each of the hats, pretending to be an evacuee! 

Thursday's ACTING task!

Thursday's Acting and Writing Task!


For this task, you will need another adult, sibling or friend (you can use FaceTime)! I want you to think of questions that you would ask an evacuee about their experiences as an evacuee. Then I want you to act out being the evacuee, answering the questions! Have fun!

Friday's Writing Task!

Ideas and a structure to help!