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This week, we are going to continue with our Spy Schools!



Design a lesson!

Think carefully about your lessons. What happens in each lesson? What equipment is needed? What is the purpose of the lesson? 

Choose one lesson that you would like to design in detail. 

For example, The Assault Course!

What do you want them to learn? 

What equipment will you include? 

What instructions do they need? 

What rules do they have to follow?


You might want to do some research if it is something like map reading or cooking. 





As part of Spy School, it is important that all pupils learn to communicate. Sometimes, they'll even need to do this secretly! Can you create your own secret code using symbols. For example, using morse code or your own make up code. 

Then use the invisible lemon ink to communicate these! (See below)



Create a character

Design a character that is attending your school who will be sent on a mission. 

Who are they?

Where are they from?

How old are they? 

What special skills do they have? 

What is their background information? 



Design a mission that they are going on. Create a fact file for the mission. 

Including the following points:


Who is your spy investigating?

Where are they going? Include a map.

What gadgets are they taking? 

What do they need to know? Languages? Background information on the villian? 

What do they need to achieve by the end of the mission? 



Grammar and spelling day - play the grammar games. Hyperlink below!