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Day 5

Using non-standard units to measure distance


The Practical activities allow children to see that measuring distance, length and height is done every day in our world to compare and order lengths, heights and distances for a variety of purposes


Racing cars

Ask children to set up two identical ramps and choose two cars. They should release them down the ramps at the same time and without pushing them. Ask: Which car went further? How can you measure how far the cars went? Encourage children to consider what they will use to measure this. Create a line to show the starting point from the top or the bottom of both ramps.


Tall, taller, tallest

Support children to order a set of three chairs of varying heights into height order, tallest to shortest. Discuss who each chair could be for. Ask: Why do chairs need to be different heights?


What is the distance?

Measure your bedroom and garden using either footsteps. Place two toys at either end and measure the distance between the two. Ask: Which two toys are furthest apart? Which are closest together?