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Day 5

Practical Activities 


Treasure hunt

Set up treasure hunts around the house/garden to encourage children to find 10 of certain items or pictures. They should count back from 10 as they collect the items.

At certain points ask: What number are you on in your count down? How many have you got left to find? How many have you already collected?


Snakes and Ladders

Set up and play a game of snakes and ladders. The children should use first, then and now stories to describe where they are and how hey got there. 


On and off the bus

Set up a pretend bus using 10 'seats' in a long row to represent the 1–10 number track. Ask 6–10 teddies/figures to get on the bus and together check how many are on the bus. Ask a number of teddies/figures at the back of the bus to get off, again replicating the number line counting back. Ask: How many teddies/figures are on the bus now? Repeat with different groups of teddies/figures getting on and off the bus. End with everyone on the bus getting off, to see if children can predict that if 8 are on the bus and 8 get off, there will not be any teddies/figures left on the bus.