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Day 5

Practical activities


Treasure hunt

Give the children a small number of  objects (up to four) and ask them to find some more. As your children bring the objects back, they should add to their current total by counting on. Encourage children to link this to a first, then, now story. Ask: How many did you have at first? Then what happened? How many do you have now?


Adding to a group

Put some objects into a small group (up to 6). Add 2, 3 or 4 more objects to the group. Discuss what has happened in terms of a first, then, now story. Say: First there were (6) objects in the group, then (3) more objects were added to the group, now there are (9) objects in the group. Encourage children to replicate the story on a number track using the counting on strategy. 


Board games

Hop scotch