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Think, believe, dream, dareā€¦

Day 3

This Think together moves the children on from Share by introducing new vocabulary and different ways of comparing volume. Question 1 asks children to identify the bucket that is empty rather than full. Ash also introduces the term nearly empty. In Question 2 , children begin to compare how much is in the buckets using the term more. Encourage the children to point to the buckets as they talk about them.

Put a small amount of water in a clear cup. Colouring the water with food colouring will make it easier for children to see. Ask children to put more water in their own cup. Ask: How can you check you have more? Line up two of the cups and ask: Which cup has more water? Repeat with three cups. Which cup has the most water? Repeat the activity, half filling your cup and challenging children to put less water in their own cup.


Make mud smoothies with sand or soil and water to pour into plastic cups. Make one full cup, one nearly full cup, one half full cup, one nearly empty cup and leave one cup empty. Encourage the children to describe each cup using the correct mathematical language: This cup is full/ nearly full/half full/nearly empty/empty.