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Day 2

The focus of Discover is for the children to build on their understanding of sharing numbers into two by realising that some quantities cannot be shared into two equal groups. They start to explore the concept of odd numbers by realising that sometimes one person or object is left over or the groups are not of equal size.


The focus of this Share is to reinforce the method from last week for sharing into two equal groups and show what this looks like when starting with an odd number. Dexter prompts the children to use the method of sharing one by one. Five frames are used to model sharing counters into two groups and to show clearly that the amount of counters in each group is not equal. Point out that one team has more children so the teams are not equal. Discuss what is the same and what is different about the two five frames. Sparks (the cat) introduces the children to the term odd number.

Explore with different quantities.