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Day 2



The Discover introduces a familiar context of sharing food fairly. The picture shows two children at a picnic with 6 strawberries to share. Discussions around sharing them fairly should lead to the concept of two equal groups. Explain that if they share them into two equal groups, the children will have half each.


The focus of Share is to model splitting an amount into two equal groups by sharing the strawberries out one by one. The children are reminded that counters can be used to represent the strawberries, and these are numbered to show how they are shared out into parallel five frames, helping them to see whether there are two equal groups. The five frames are vertical here to model sharing clearly and distinguish visually from doubling. Ensure that children understand that it doesn’t matter which way round the five frames are positioned. Reinforcing the key vocabulary of sharing, equal groups and half helps children to explain their thinking.

Have your own picnic, encourage the children to share the food with you, halving it! Encourage the use of the stem sentence: 'half of __ is __' for them to explain what they have found.