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Day 2

The Discover focuses on the concept of adding by counting on. Encourage children to identify where Sam currently is on the number track, what number is shown on the dice, and how many jumps he needs to make. The children should explore the concept of counting on from Sam’s current position on the number track by saying the number in the count and counting the moves or jumps rather than the stepping stones. This will help them to overcome the misconception of counting the starting number. Use the first, then, now structure to highlight the change and the counting on element.


The focus of Share is to model the process used to count on by counting the jumps. The emphasis should be on counting on from a given number rather than counting up. Prompt children to realise that the number Sam lands on is the total. Reinforce the first, then, now story and verbalise. Say: First Sam was on 3, then he jumped on 2, now he is on 5.