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Blue Group Phonics

I have changed things this week so please read below and go through the lesson plan before you start!


1. I have changed their book band level to grey. This is the next level up and harder. If your child struggles with the reading, try chunking it up over the course of the day as reading it in one sitting may prove too much. For others, they may find it absolutely fine. Just go with what is best for your child. 


2. We are going to base the next few weeks of learning on a theme: SPACE! The reason for this is so that I can start preparing them for year 2 style teaching where there is far less phonics. We will still be reading a RWInc phonics texts (now the grey level) but we will also be using other sources. 


Have fun and please let me know how it goes and if need be I can adapt it for next week!