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Year 4

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In Years 4, we are all about EPIC learning. We try to make sure that our learning is as enjoyable as possible but we are always learning new things and making progress. It is important to us that we include everyone and make the most of everyone's strengths. We think of creative ways of showing our learning and try to approach things in a creative way too! We hope you enjoy looking closer at our class page.

Term 3 So Far....


Brilliant Beginning!


We have had an exciting start to this term. On the first day back, we spent the afternoon tasting our way around the world! We tried out lots of different foods such as Billtong, Moroccan spices, seaweed and papaya which was washed down with a drink of rooibos tea. Year 4 matched foods, flags and art to the continents.


This term, Year 4 will be exploring the topic of continents, with the aim of answering the overarching question of whether they would rather live in a place that has too much rainfall or not enough. 





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A Secret Mission


Is our team up for a taking part in a treasure hunt with a mystery prize at the end of it? Of course they are!


At the beginning of the term, we followed some instructions given to us by Mrs Alfieri, a Year 4 teacher from St Nicholas' School. They led us a letter tucked away in the corner of a shed. The letter contained our mission for the next two weeks. We have been set the task of hiding a mysterious package in the village for our Year 4 friends at St Nicholas. 


We will be learning about how to write a set of instructions, detailing how to find them. The Year 4 class at St Nicholas will also be hiding a package for us to find. Our intrepid team have accepted the challenge and are looking forward to learning how to write instriuctions, meet their St Nicholas friends and discovering what the hidden treasure is.

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