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Term 4

The coolest gang in town!

The coolest gang in town! 1

This term, we are learning about electricity!

The Year 6 team are buzzing to get into their newest topic of discovery! 

Let the learning begin! 


Term 4 Medium Term Plan - Take a look at what we are learning about this term!

In RE we will learn about Sikhism.

We will…

apply ideas from the Sikh Code of Conduct to our own lives, giving reasons and examples

Use the vocabulary learned in RE, to show our understanding of worship

Show understanding of how Amrit feels to a Sikh person and make connections to a similar ceremony in another faith

As Scientists we will learn about electricity!

We will…

Explore how voltage affects brightness and volume.

Explore variations in how components function.

Design circuits and build them.


As musicians we will become samba drummers!

We will…

Play from memory with confidence whilst playing skilfully.

Combine a variety of musical devices, including melody, rhythm and chords.



In English we will be writing non-chronological reports based on electricity.

We will…

Explore a range of high quality non-chronological reports.

Ask questions and develop our understanding of the importance of language and how it functions in formal writing.

Develop editing, proof-reading and peer-review skills

In PE we will learn a country and western line dance and play tag rugby.

Perform expressively and hold a precise and strong body posture.

Plan to perform with high energy, slow grace or other themes and maintain this throughout a piece.

Field, defend and attack tactically by anticipating the direction of play.

Choose the most appropriate tactics for a game.

As mathematicians we will be learning about algebra and ratio and proportion!

We will…

Use simple formulae ( a=7, b=2 etc)

Generate and describe linear number sequences.

Express missing number problems algebraically ( x + 7 = 10, what is the value of x?)

Find pairs of numbers that have 2 unknown numbers ( x + 7 = 13 – y )

Link ratio and proportion to percentages

Use ratio to compare one part to another ( 1:3 – There is 1 cat to every 3 dogs in a household)

Simplify ratios (1:3 – there are 7 cats and 21 dogs at the vets)