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Term 4

We will be kick starting this term with some planting. The children asked that when they had filled our bucket, we planted some seeds! We will be doing exactly that during our first week back so that we can notice and observe the changes, differences and similarities between the plants that begin to grow. We will also be creating an area where we can see which birds come to visit us, we will create a tally of which birds we spot as we can then make sure that we have the correct food and feeders for our birds!


By popular demand, our theme this term is superheroes! We will be taking part in a range of activities to enable us to become our very own superhero. Creating our costumes, thinking of our super power and how we will use it and making our base are just a few of the things that we will need to do! We will learn about how important it is to be fit and healthy if we would like to be a superhero and also some of the things we can do to keep safe. We will have visits from some real superheroes from the community who will explain what they do to help keep us safe (along with answering any questions that the team may have).


In maths, we have learnt about the numbers to 8, shape and position. This term, we will continue to focus on number and will also explore time and money through practical experiences.


Last term, we began to learn some red words (the words that cannot be sounded out) and some of the set 2 sounds. We will continue to learn and apply these within our reading and writing this term. The children are in the process of making some videos to support home learning – modelling how to produce the sound correctly and the rhymes that go alongside each of the sounds. Make sure that you come back soon to check them out!


As the weather is becoming much brighter and warmer, we have noticed that the children are venturing outside more. It is really great to see how their learning is taken in a completely different direction now that the weather is changing; there tends to be a lot more water play. We always try to remind the children to pop on the waterproof jackets, trousers and wellies if they would like to play in the water, however this doesn’t always happen when they are so caught up in their plans and ideas resulting in soggy clothes.


Thanks again for your continued support, your engagement makes a huge difference!