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Term 3

We had great fun going on a bear hunt at Forest School! The children then built a den for their little bears using the sticks around them. We had to make sure that we were not picking the living things, but using the sticks that had already fallen from the trees. We also had to remember to use our magic thumb over the end of the sticks to protect us from any sharp ends. 

Our Bear Hunt themed classroom!

We can't wait for the children to come in and start exploring!

Term 3


The children loved exploring natural resources last term, so we have followed their interests and this term, our learning will be based on the story “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt”. Our classroom will be transformed over the Christmas break to represent the different scenes within the story to inspire and promote curiosity amongst the children. We will be focussing heavily on the different vocabulary used to describe the settings in the story and thinking of some of our own to add to our learning environment too! We will also be having our first Forest School session during our first week back at school – how exciting?! 


In Maths we will continue to develop our understanding of number. We will continue to explore and challenge ourselves further with addition and subtraction. The children have enjoyed using the part part whole model and many of them have used our chalk boards to practise using them during their choosing time!


The children love books and the development of their phonic knowledge has enabled them to begin to blend the sounds together to read words! We have covered all of the set 1 sounds now, and we will begin to learn the sounds in set two and will also be introduced to some of the trickier red words (words that cannot be sounded out such as I, the, he etc.). The children have been grouped for phonics to further develop their skills in sound recognition, blending, segmenting and comprehension. This term we will be concentrating heavily on writing, we will learn the story and then modify it to create our very own version of We’re Going on a Bear Hunt!


A big thank you for ensuring that your children had appropriate clothing last term. It is set to be even cooler this term so a polite reminder that children should be bringing in a coat, hats, gloves and scarf to ensure that they are warm. As always, the children will have constant access to our outdoor area meaning that our doors will be open for most of the day!


We are really excited to see which direction your children take their learning, and we can’t wait to support them in further developing their skills and understanding this term!