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Sports Strategy 2017-18

PE & Sports Grant Report 2015/16


Primary sport grant received: £8660

Number of pupils:  192 (August 2016)


Objectives of spending the PE grant:

  • Increase pupil participation in competitions, interschool sport and events
  • To encourage a positive, healthy lifestyle and attitude to sport
  • To instil in pupils a love of sport and physical activity within our children
  • To support mental wellness and raise self-esteem through active participation in sport
  • Increased confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE and sport



Predicted Cost

Planned Outcome

Impact/Actual costs

Participation in the Rutland Sports Partnership scheme 2015/16.  Activities have included:


  • Swimming Gala
  • Netball tournament Y5/6
  • Sportshall Athletics Y5/6
  • Tag Rugby Festival  Y5/6 (April)
  • Year 1 and 2 Multi-Sports Festival
  • Football Tournament Y5/6
  • Football Tournament Y3/4 (May)


Other events to come Summer Term Include; Hockey, Cricket, Rounders and Athletics


Sport activity in competition with other children and schools.


Fun/competitive/co-operative teamwork and sportsmanship using skills learnt in coaching/PE lessons.



Training given to guide the spending of PE funding and develop contacts with other schools, to arrange events.










Employment of specialist sports coaches (Synergy) all year groups.







Lunch time - Multi-Sports club.



Regular CPD for staff and quality experiences for children.


High quality CPD provided for teachers and Academy support assistants in PE leading to increased confidence.


The profile of PE across the school is raised leading to positive impacts on whole school improvement.


Pupils’ progress is good, and outcomes for physical literacy, health and well-being are improved.

Promote healthy lifestyles and encourage children to take part in team activities. 




High Quality PE is taught across the school.  Pupils and teachers in Y5/6, Y3/4 & Y1/2 have benefited from specialist teaching and CPD since November 2015.  Pupils in reception to begin participation from April 2016 onwards.








20 children each week have been able to access quality sport during lunch on a Monday.

Y3/4 – Autumn Term and Y5/6 – Spring & Summer

New sports kits to be purchased including bibs, shin pads and shirts.


Pupils from Cottesmore Millfield Academy feel proud to represent their school when participating in competitive sports.  Participation in sports is valued and celebrated within our school. 


Transport costs for pupils to travel to and from competitions



Pupils selected for competitions are able to participate in off-site competitions held after school hours. Without transport being offered participation of school teams is sometimes not possible and is therefore an identified barrier to participation. 

£180 – cost of transport for participation in rugby tournament

British Gymnastics Teachers' Award for Trampolining - Level One & Level Two

(2 day course)




High quality CPD provided for teachers.  Pupils in Key Stage 2 are encouraged to participate in new sports.

Trampoline is offered within the key stage 2 curriculum to utilise the equipment already in held within the school but currently un-used.  

Links are established with local trampoline clubs so that children can be signposted forward to future or extended provision. 


Purchase of sport specific class kits for use across the school:


Athletics - £195

Badminton - £318

Netball - £180

Rugby - £205

Tennis - £370


All pupils experience a broader range of sports both within curriculum time and after school activities. 

Teachers are able to continue to deliver high quality PE sessions in addition to those offered via specialist sports coaching because they have the correct equipment to do so. 

Increased opportunities for children to participate in after school sporting activities. 



School will use this funding to work with partners in the fields of Cricket and football to provide workshops and after school activities led by local clubs and providers. 


Pupils will be encouraged to participate in a range of activities linked to external clubs and organisations leading to increased participation in competitive sport.  


1 x Level 1 Award in Pool Emergency Procedures

1 x  National Curriculum Training Programme (Module 1 & 2)



Increased confidence, knowledge and skills of key staff in the teaching and the supervision of swimming.


Improved quality of poolside support for teacher delivering weekly swimming session.

1 x teacher

1 x TA have completed this training. 

Virtual Sports Day across the Academy

Self Funded

Will allow all children from both schools in the academy to participate in competitive inter and intra school athletics.

CPD in PE sessions allows staff to deliver this sports day.


Eshelby Leisure - Touch Rugby Club

Self Funded

Opportunity provided for children to participate in sport which is new to the area with the potential for progression onto new local team.

Commenced – April 2016