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OH MY GOODNESS IT’S THE FINAL TERM ALREADY!! We are so proud of the Snowy Owls and the progress that they have made. We all really enjoyed our well-deserved pyjama party treat at the end of last term and we also had the joy of celebrating the Royal Wedding too! Our fancy dress clothes were perfect outfits to wear to the event and we even had a couple of children acting as Price Harry and Megan Markle.


Our topic this term is dinosaurs and we are looking forward to finding out lots of facts and information about them. We have already discovered that we have some in house experts who will be teaching us all a thing or two! We will also be learning the story “The Little Green Dinosaur” using Talk for Write. The children really enjoyed learning Dear Zoo through Talk for Write last term so we will continue to use this strategy to build up their vocabulary and use of story language too.

We will be focussing on 3D shape, time and money this term, so it would be great if you could support them with this at home too!


Thank you so much for your continued support throughout the year, we couldn’t have done it without you!!


This term, we will be following the children’s interest and love of animals! We will continue to consolidate applying our set 1 sounds, learn our set 2 sounds and learn to read and write red words. PE will continue to be on a Monday now and will focus on balance and bikes and this term we will celebrating the Big Pedal! We will be focusing on responsibility as a school this term and will be applying it in throughout our classroom learning. Please remember that the children always have access to our outdoor area and with the increasingly warmer weather, it would be great if you could provide them with a sun hat, water bottle and sun cream (these can be left under their peg if you wish).


Thank you for your continued support!

Up, up and away!


This term, we will travel around the world learning about and comparing different countries. We will start the term learning about Chinese New Year, we will then take a trip to Fiji learning about the culture through Fijian Fairy Tales. We will then learn about the celebrations taking place around Easter. We will continue to consolidate our set 1 sounds and will begin learning our set 2 sounds (information about this will be sent home when appropriate). PE will be back to a Monday now and will focus on gymnastics.

Our learning behaviour focus for this term is being resourceful. The children will learn how to be resourceful by using resources from around the classroom to create things.

This term we will celebrate World Book Day. It’s an exciting one this year with lots of surprises in store for the children! Our theme for World Book Day will be fantasy stories, so the children can come to school dressed as a book character for this day (2nd March).

Please remember that the children always have access to our outdoor area, it would be great if you could provide them with a warm coat, hat, gloves and wellies (these can be left under their peg if you wish).

Thank you for your continued support!


We are really proud of the children’s continuing progress within the prime and specific areas of learning.


Within Literacy, we will continue to: learn our set 1 sounds, practise blending and use our phonic knowledge to help us to read and write simple words. We will continue learning all about numbers and what they mean, exploring addition, subtraction and some problem solving. We will be inviting some real life superheroes to come in to school to talk about what they do to help us, to support our understanding of the world. We will also be learning how to be healthy through the characters in the “Supertato” books and the book “things that we do that are good for you”.


Resilience is our learning behaviour focus for the term; we will be learning how to be resilient and not give up.

Mr James

Mr James came to talk to us about how he helps us around school. He told us that he learnt to be a superhero by watching and helping his Grandad.

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Mrs Lang


Mrs Lang spoke to us about all of her different roles in school; Teaching Assistant, PTFA, After School Club Leader. She explained how she helps the school raise money so that we can buy new things, how she provides an after school club to help out Mummies and Daddies and what she does in school as a TA to help us.

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Mell and Linda

Mell and Linda often come to visit us, but today it was to tell us all about what they do to help us. They explained how important it is to be healthy and they told us that they learnt to be superheroes by reading books and going to a special school.

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PCSO Lauren Orgill

PCSO Lauren Orgill came in to school to talk to us about how she helps the community and what we can do to keep safe. We even had chance to have a go in her police car!

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Mrs Pick

Mrs Pick is a farmer. She came in to tell us about how she helps us by growing lots of different things. She brought in wheat, beans, rapeseed and barley and explained what they were turned into. Wheat was used to make bread, beans are turned into food for animals, rapeseed is used as an oil to cook with, oats are used to make cereals and barley is used in some beverages.

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