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PE session using earthquakes as our stimulus to create a montage of movements.

EPIC music session this afternoon

Still image for this video

On Wednesday Year 3 children went on a trip to Market Overton to have a Bible Times experience. We learnt about Saul who use to hate Jesus and persecuted his believers. We found out how he got converted in to a Christian and changed his name to Paul. We learnt about his different journeys that he went on all over the Mediterranean and some of the people he met along the way. The children had the opportunity to dress up in some of the clothes from the era, taste different foods and complete a quiz all about Paul.

Our Caroo group doing EPIC learning! Well done

Resourcefulness afternoon! Children had to be resourceful to create their own parachutes to safely get their eggs to the ground with minimal damages.

Lost Treasures of Caroo group doing some excellent work on number and place value.